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N-RIT Cooling Guard 防曬冰巾

  • N-RIT 名牌行山用品,韓國製造
  • 採用冰巾物料,濕水扭干即有冰涼感覺
  • 適合所有安全帽用,安裝簡單,亦可適用於普通CAP帽,或直接帶在頭上
  • 覆蓋面和頸部,有助防蚊蟲,防曬及降溫作用
  • 前設防風魔術貼可固定頸巾
  • 可以機洗


  • N-RIT renown outdoor equipment brand, made in Korea
  • Made with cooling towel, soak then wring to activate cooling technology
  • Fits all safety helmets, even works on normal baseball caps, or directly wear on forehead
  • Protects the face and neck area from insects and harmful UV rays, and can help cool down the user
  • Front velcro tape to hold cooling guard in place and prevent wind blow
  • Machine washable