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VIRAJ SF-RFAE-6W 織帶 6M 防墮滑輪(垂直橫向兩用)

6M Webbing Block (Vertical and Horizontal Use)


  • EN360 標準(垂直橫向兩用)
  • 長度: 6M
  • 外殼使用高硬度混合膠,提高耐用程度
  • 25mm 織帶防墮滑輪
  • 細扣可360度靈活轉動, 避免產生不必要的扭力
  • 細狗有過重顯示,變紅色則需更換


  • EN360 standard (vertical and horizontal use)
  • Length: 6M
  • Casing made up of high impact strength polymer for high durability
  • 25mm webbing block
  • 360 degrees swivel snap hook to prevent twisting of wire
  • Snap hook has load indicator, showing red color indicates the block is not fit for use.